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Day 24–Cathedral Rock or Bust

Jen and I walked up to Cathedral Rock today. Literally, walked up, crawled at some points and jumped at others. It is considered a “strenuous” climb in the hiking guide. I remember when I we tried in 2009 to climb to the top. Jen was sick with bronchitis and I was not doing well. I … Continue reading

Day 23–Bridges of Sedona County–Watch out Meryl Streep!

There is a park just down the road and it connects with a larger park area that ends in a nice 1hour loop of a walk. However, in the larger park, there are two large steel bridges that go over what look like dried up river beds. I imagine in monsoon season, they may flood … Continue reading

Day 22– The Day After Santa Sleeps

This year the day after Christmas was quite eventful. For the first time ever, we celebrated Christmas with Jen’s family. It was a beautiful day filled with fun, tender moments and laughter. Jen’s Aunt and Uncle brought their dog Bonnie Ann who is a spunky mini Aussie and is all of 12 pounds. They were … Continue reading

Day 21, Christmas Day, Gifts, Stockings, Santa & a Patridge in a Pear Tree

Holidays are about realizing how big your world is. About realizing you can have the life you want and you have choices. The trick is realizing you have choices even when it appears as if you don’t. I remember when I started working for justice. I realized that for every triumph there was another battle. … Continue reading

Day 20–Holiday Magic

Day 20–Holiday Magic.

Day 20–Holiday Magic

My holiday magic wish for you: Surround yourself with love Love that holds you up when your down Gently pushes you when you need to move Love that awakens your spirit to what is passion and true Love that connects you to your heart and reminds you all you need is here Let love embrace … Continue reading

Day 19-Gifts, Change & 2012 Resolutions

Is it selfish to go away for 60days? Leave my spouse, our life together and just focus and work on myself? I think the answer is yes and that is ok. You know why it is ok, because I was ready and my wife is supportive and loves me. When I invite clients on the … Continue reading

Day 18-4 Degrees to Kevin Bacon & Change

Happy almost Christmas! I am struck by how through Linkedin and Facebook our world is smaller. I heard that the 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon game is now 4degrees because of social networking. That is exciting! Do we want our world to be smaller? I say yes, we need to feel connected to something’s, someone’s, … Continue reading

Sedona in Sedona

Day 17 My baby doggie Sedona is sick. We went to the vet. The vet touched her belly and she screamed. It was awful. Then the whole time they were drawing blood she was screaming. It was just awful. Hopefully, it is just a parasite.  When your doggie is sick, nothing else matters. Instantly, nothing … Continue reading

What makes you you?

I have been reading Steve Jobs biography. I am about 100 pages in and he has been consistently open about the trauma of his adoption. As an adult he acknowledges a lot of anger, rage, and sorrow and abandonment for being given up. Up to this point, he has focused a lot on how it … Continue reading