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Day 6-Live It!

Being in places of great beauty awakens the spirit. The spirit that connects us with the greater universe, a connecting point with the cosmos. Here in Sedona, at 5000 elevation, I feel closer to what some call God. Closer to the sky, closer to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Every sun rise and sunset is a occasion for gratitude, appreciation, and prayer of thanks.  At sunset, the sky is full of its wonderous reds, purples, and as the last bits of sunlight kiss the sacred rocks good night, my dogs and I celebrate the end of another day in heaven.

That what this is for me—Sedona is heaven, it is home, in is where I am from many moons again I was here and now with each departure grows grief. As much as I miss my wife, the core strength felt here is what I need. I just started a 10 session course of pilates. I know I need to strengthen my core. It has been rocked, shifted, pulled, shredded and regrown. This time of living my possibilities is about connecting with my physical body. I have not connected with it in adulthood. I remember my strength and power I had as a female student athlete.

Through nurturing my spirit I am now ready to engage in self discipline and nourish my body in new ways. I am changing my relationship with food. I am beginning to understand the phrase—food gives life not live for food. I am also starting to identify the connection between two of my bodies—physical and emotional. When the emotional is out of whack, stressed, I eat and drink in excess. At 37, it has all caught up with me. My body has taken quite a beating over the years—pizza, subs, beer, wine, caffeine–all my drugs of choice. Of late, sugar as well.

As I look out at the orange and yellow hues of the sunset, all I hear is rebirth, renew, each day is a chance for us to begin again. To change. To try something new, to take a breath when we need to, to meditate, to stop, to quiet the mind, to be.  When was the last time, you just were—no tv, no radio, no distractions—just you quiet for all your bodies to relax, refresh and restore themselves.

Making this time for yourself nourishes the heart, feeds the soul and sends the mind on vacation.  Enjoy! Relax, celebrate, breathe, laugh, love—there is a reason why all of those words are in print and hang in people’s offices and homes.  Be in places of great beauty, like Sedona connect us to something bigger than ourselves. Bigger than our jobs, our day to day hassels, trials, and tribulations. And teaches us that in the end, we will be ok. We will each be ok and what a difference it makes living from that place. I am ok. I will be ok. Say it, believe it, live it.

About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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