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Day 1–Live from Sedona, AZ-

Step 1 Create Space For Yourself

Space to consider what it is possible. Space to consider what you want and what you don’t. Sometimes understanding what we do not want is just as important as knowing what we do want. Creating space for yourself is an extraordinary act. It can seem bizarre to some, different to most.  When I was telling some friends about my trip, I got questions like—Who do you know? Do you have any friends? Wow, that is interesting, I never thought of something like that. Then from those who think that their families and businesses will stop with out them—What about your wife? How could you do that to her, she just started a business? Then the fear based folks—what if………your car breaks down, what about your dogs, how will you do this by yourself, you’ve taken so much on. You see the act of creating space inspires people to think about themselves, it makes others face in one statement what they may or may not have ever considered for themselves.  So you see part of change is that you and your life becomes the embodiment of truth. Your truth. While it can inspire fear, anger, resentment, denial in some in others it can inspire an awakening of a life they want and didn’t know they didn’t have it.

One dear friend who has been on this spiritual journey with me was thrilled, excited, and it opened him up to his possibilities. He was asking himself the questions of why was he in the medical profession. He asked himself, “what am I doing, am I happy?” These are all big questions, questions that most of us don’t ask because we are afraid of the answers. He asked and acknowledged his fears then as he let them go created space for new emotions, new experiences. He started telling people he was a life coach—to use his phrases—he “came out”. It is truly impressive that a straight white man can empathize to the extent that he now has a sense of what it is like to come out. But I would add that straight white men get a raw deal. Because you see the more privilege you have the more you are taught to not see it and feel like what you have can be taken instantly. This gentle man was bullied most of his childhood and spent his adulthood trying to heal from it. In my opinion, he is a model for us all as he didn’t turn to violence and drugs, and misogyny but turned inward to work thru the pain, let it go, and open to love. I may write the words effortlessly on the page but is a by no means easy, quick, or without energy.

When you choose to live your possibilities with joy, it is a road of abundance, of flexibility, of ambiguity, of patience, and one of faith.  The inner faith that the universe will provide. As I was planning this journey, two different mornings I awoke with intense fear that I would run out of money and that money would not come. On each occasion, as I walked my two dogs Sedona and Toby I found money. The first morning I found a fifty-dollar bill. The second morning I found forty dollars. And after the second morning, I spoke with my whole heart and thanked the universe and said, “I got it. You will provide.” Now it doesn’t matter how you define the universe, for some it is a God, for others it is nature, for others it is many deities. Which ever it is, it is recognizing there is a power greater than yourself and the more you let go and accept this the easier your life will become.

About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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