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Rebirth & The Last Full Moon of 2011

I participated in a full moon ceremony led by a native American medicine women. It was my first. We each were asked to pick 2 sticks out of the bag, one symbolizing what we wanted to let go the other what we wanted to let in. It is amazing; 8-10 strangers come together with a common purpose and community happens. Some of us connected over what I am learning is called the call of Sedona. By I digress, the sticks. I asked my spirit guides for help (you may ask whoever you believe in) and I got “let go of Joy Miller”.

You see for 35 years I was Joy Miller and then I changed my named to Joy Rain. I never created an official name change ceremony and so this became mine. It was more than a name change, it was the letting go of all that Joy Miller embodied. A person with no active spiritual connections, a sense that I was struggling and life had to be hard. A person who held like Velcro all the hurts, pains, disappointments, angers, frustrations, they never fully went away. And I knew I was ready to let it all go and most of all the recognition that the I that I knew and loved for 35 years was no longer needed.

Joy Rain was born on 12-10-11. Joy Rain knows that a spiritual life is needed and all begins there. Joy Rain embodies her name for you need both to change and transform. Without death there can be no birth. Without Joy there can be no rain. We need rain to bring out and wash away our pain to make space for Joy. Now, it doesn’t mean that suddenly all my trials and tribulations went away but it means that I am now looking at everything with a fresh eye and most importantly a fresh heart.

The other part of the ceremony was allowing the medicine woman Rose to open our heart chakras to take in the love, acceptance, and spirit. Whether you believe in a heart chakra or not, when was the last time you checked in with your heart. What is in your heart? What joy, pain, sorry, does it carry? Is it open to new love? Is it open to you passion? You see part of living your possibilities with Joy is about opening up to what you love and all you need to do is start by asking your heart the question(s).

It is ok to be afraid, acknowledge it and let it go just as you wave to a friend passing you on the street. You see this is where your life begins and where it stops being about everyone else and about your path. You will find you have the options of many paths to live this one life.  And you can always begin again. You can always begin again. I believe we come from Mother Earth and Father sky and just as both always sustain and change so can we.  The choice is yours.

I remember on my 35th birthday, (waiting to be fired) my boss set up a birthday lunch. It was all for show—I knew and she knew it. And as much as I hated going through the motions, I had truly believed I had no choice. I believed that on my 35th birthday I did not have the right to just say, “thanks but no thanks.” I remember how suffocating that was. I will never be there again, thank god, thank the universe.  You always have a choice just as the sun always shines even when it rains. The sun is still there shining we just cannot see it.


About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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