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Krogers, Starbucks, & Re-Entry

Today is a turning point. I only had to drive 420 miles today to Salem Virginia. Yesterday was a hard day. I drove 650 miles to Nashville only to not be greeted by the hotel desk clerk. This particular LaQuinta doubles as a homeless shelter and let’s say it is not in the best part … Continue reading

Day 52–Alburquerque, Matthew Shepherd & OK

This morning I got up at 5:00am and played my video of my last Pilates class. I just listened to Rima give instruction. I completed the 22 minute video but it was with a heavy heart. We really connected. I appreciate so much just how much she taught me and she taught me with such … Continue reading

Day 51 Continued–Hola, esta in Nueva Mexico!

Greetings from New Mexico! After dropping Tim off, we headed North and went through the Apache and Navajo Reservations. It was amazing, we just drove up and up through the mountains. We reached 7700 feet at one point. As I entered Apache reservation, I saw a hawk with a red head and white chest. Then … Continue reading

Day 51–Leaving to Return

This is my last morning in Sedona. As I wake and take one last look at the stars, breathe in the air and center myself with pilates. All I know and feel is I will be back. I am on a new trajectory and only the Universe knows the plan. In the mean time, I … Continue reading

Day 50–Just Another Day In Sedona

Today we headed to the Airport Vortex.  We snapped some pictures and then Feather arrived. We were helping her film a video about Sedona Tea blends. It was beautiful to listen to Feather tell her story of how she started her company and birthed her vision into reality. The desire to create opportunity for the … Continue reading

Day 49–ATV’s, Chips Patrol & Stella

Today Tim and I  rented ATV’s and went out to Boynton Canyon. I have never been one before. It was fun. I realized as I was getting on the ATV that this is the kind of activity that requires confidence, strength and just a letting go and having fun. I am glad I felt strong … Continue reading

Day 48–Thanksgiving

As I sit here at sunset, looking at Thunder Mountain will brilliant hues of pink and blue in the sky I feel grateful. Grateful for the time I have had here. Grateful for the beauty I have experienced. Grateful for the space to connect with the magic red rocks, the sky, the desert. The earth … Continue reading

Day 47–Trust Your Feet

  Feather took us on a hike today. We went into Boynton canyon. Our first stop was Kachina Woman. Feather invited us to participate in a ceremony where we release what is not working and then say aloud what is. Or rather manifest what we want to have happen. I released fear. Just fear. All … Continue reading

Day 46-Cathedral Rock Delight

Today my spiritual bud and I spent most of the day on Cathedral Rock. We started our trek thinking it would just be a 2hour hike. This is my second time up and it was really hard this time. At different points, I had to stop and catch my breath. I don’t know what was … Continue reading