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Day 28–Lword, Leisha, & Love

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Happy New Year’s Eve!  Jen woke up this morning and set she needed to go to a vortex and just sit. I said, “Let’s go babe.” First stop was a Sedona Vortex store. They have all sorts of rocks, crystals, drums, new agey stuff. Jen picked out a rock that spoke to what she needed and we were off. She chose Chimney rock. We got there and headed up. It was not as steep as cathedral Rock but like a Chimney it crumbled quite a bit. So we had to be careful as we ascended up.

We got about 10feet from the top and both of us felt fear so we decided that was a good place to stop. She picked her spot and I picked mine. I leaned back into the rock and started to meditate. I am finding that I get a bit dizzy in these high spaces so I just close my eyes and welcome the energy from the vortex. Some you who are reading this may think it is cooky, or really a bunch of hippie shi…I ask to just entertain the possibility for a minute that one could connect to something greater than the self for healing and then just go back to being where ever you are.  Steps and honoring where we are—Jen calls them “Crooked lines.”

For example, eating all organic food then stopping at MacDonald’s for a burger every once and awhile—Crooked lines—make life interesting.  Speaking of crooked lines, given my new commitment to no bread but yet every 3-5days having pancakes I decided to get chili dogs insteadAs you know from yesterday’s blog, Sam’s famous hot dogs are not available. Sam has left for New Mexico and will be back in January. So, after our trek up to Chimney rock where by the way, I spent some of my time doing pilates—that was fun:) I wanted to have chili dogs.

We went to New Frontiers to get some organic hot dogs, chili and cheese—yum!! As we were making our way through the check out, Jen turned to me and said, “Don’t freak out, don’t freak out.” I looked at her like what, are you nuts, why would I freak out??? Then she said, “Leisha Hailey is just ahead of us in line.” Well, my face got beat red and I got a great big grin on my face.

As she and her girlfriend (I think) left the store, I casually walked outside to watch them unload their groceries and get into their car. I stood there staring, then I think Leisha noticed so I went back in. Jen then started yelling, “Are they still out there, are they still out there?” I said quietly yes. She said, “Well I a going out there.” She handed me the credit card to pay and she was off. The cashier had no idea what we were talking about and no one around us appeared to realize that Alice P. from the L Word had just left this little organic store in Sedona on New Year’s Eve. Well, that was very exciting. The citing inspired us to both get Twitter accounts and follow Leisha on Twitter. A friend of mine told us Leisha had been tweeting about Sedona. So we were on it!

Jen, aka Ms. Pretend you don’t recognize any celeb, kept telling me to calm down. I wasn’t doing anything. But I will tell you as I told her, I would love to say hello to Leisha and thank her for all she did being on the L word. She was part of a an all star cast that made lesbians and gays, and bisexuals and t’s human—she is awesome and I will tell her if I see her out in the red rocks. Jen can go through life telling everyone that she saw Xena at a Sony party, she actually checked her out (Xena checked her out that is) and yet Jen said nothing. Well, I will say something to Leisha, Melissa, Jane, Ellen, any celeb I see.  They have and do something special and I appreciate it! But don’t worry—I won’t lead with, “I scored most like Alice on the Which L Word Character are you most like Quiz.”

About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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