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Day 40-Stones, Rocks & Xena

A few weeks ago, after I climbed Cathedral Rock there were two Native women selling hand made jewelry. I chose two necklaces. One that was black obsidian in the shape of a pie and the other that was an arrow made from petrified wood. They spoke to me–the stones:). The black obsidian stone was a healing transformative stone and the other was for protection.  I hesitated about the arrow but just went with my gut.

You see, my spiritual teacher keeps telling me that we don’t need protection because there is nothing but love. Over the course of conversations, part of my learning is that I am a warrior and that is what triggers some to dislike or fear me consciously or not. It can happen right away and without me realizing it. For example, when I was a professor and the administration saw me as a leader and a threat to them even when I thought I was still working for them.  Since that experience and others, I have learned to recognize my power and that I have arrows with me. I can show them, hide, or pull them sometimes consciously or not. Of late, I learned to be more conscious and start to embrace the Warrior within to ultimately let it go. (I am now watching Xena to best channel the warrior:))

I wore the necklaces each day up until my migraine but took them off at night. Each night, I would get light headed and dizzy and as soon as I took them off, I was fine. During my two day migraine I did not wear them at all. Did you think about why you were what and when? Which pieces of jewelry and for what occasion?

Tonight, I went to a Shaman Healer training. It was being led by this woman who lives in Peru half the year with mountain people otherwise known as the Earthkeepers. They train Westerners to bring this healing to us in preparation for the shift of this year, 2012. It is all connected to the Mayan, Incan, and Hopi prophecies that this is the year our people will shift and evolve into the beings we are becoming.

This was a training for healers and guides and I felt I needed to go. I knew nothing of this, just an article I read in the Sedona paper that included less details than I just did. So off I went. About 20 people arrived and our teacher took out these oval stones from Machu Picchu and described them as portals to transformation. Stones that healers carry and use as they become initiated into these circle of Shamanic Rights.

Well, this stone, was a black obsidian exactly like the one I have around my neck. She used my stone to iniate me and so now I have learned this first set of healer rights.  It is about aligning three chakras to manifest what you dream. Your consciousness (3rd eye), your heart (your passion) and your belly (your actions). This teacher walks in the same circle as Don Miguel Ruiz and she spoke about him and his son and the ritual they participated in on 11-11-11. Wow!

Another beautiful gift from Sedona. I am so glad I was open to receive it.

p.s.–Does Xena and Gabriel ever get together?

About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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