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Day 43–Show & Tell Jerome!

Today is a day of change. I met a new friend and she is taking me out to Jerome & Clarkdale. They are neighboring towns of Sedona. I have only ventured out of Sedona to go to the Phoenix airport. Over the years, a lot of people have told me to go to Jerome. They spoke of how it was started by the hippies in the 60’s and it was this cool fun place. Fortunately, my tour guide offered a larger historical bit about Jerome which included it’s large number of brothels, miners, and men with guns.

When we arrived in Jerome, I was shocked. I had pictured this quaint little hippie place and it was nothing like that. It literally is a very small town, built into the side of an old mountain which is actually a bunch of old mines. There is tremendous instability and every so often houses, buildings, structures slip down the slope. There were many abandoned houses, buildings mixed with a biker bar and different haunt spots where guys from ghost hunters have been. The whole place felt a little ghostly.

The highlight of my adventure was discovering the House of Joy. It used to be a famous brothel and now sold everything from Nixon for President pins to fish net stocking. The second highlight was being with a new friend who knew where we were going and had it all figured out. Being on my own with the doggies, I didn’t realize how much I have been figuring things out and doing them on my own. It is nice to just let someone else figure it all out.

It’s so funny that my picture of Jerome of one of a hippie, crunchy oasis of beauty. I didn’t quite get that. It made me think about what other assumptions I have been walking around with that are not based on my own experience but what I hear and perceive from others.

Coincidentally, in Pilates I am learning that for years I only have used my quads and stopped using my calves, hamstrings and glutes. My teacher asked the great question of what else are we overusing and what are we not using at all that could shift and transform everything. A lot of big questions.

Today also marked the beginning of the end of my journey. For most of my journey, I have been only with my dogs. My outing with my new friend Rita marked the beginning of my time back with people 24/7. My friend Tim is coming tomorrow then I will be headed home after that. So tonight I just took the time to really appreciate being alone and quiet. I love my wife and my friends and I love having time to just be with me. When I am with others there are energy cords that connect us, pull us in ways that are different than when I am alone. Both experiences are important and needed.

Our connection cords to ourselves and others need to be rejuvenated, relaxed, and reformed. When was the last time you were able to do either? Or when did you let someone else figure it out? Take you to a new place and just listen. There is a lot in the silence of listening and being than telling and showing.

Remember show and tell? What would you bring today and who would you invite to the party?

About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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