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Leap Day Wishes & Corporate Dreams

Leap day is almost upon us. I got my education about the folklore of Leap Year from last week’s episode of 30Rock. The running theme was to do something different and out of character on leap day. So, I am asking you today to consider—what will you do different on Wed? Here’s what I wish … Continue reading

Sedona, Northampton, pilates & hot yoga oh my!!

Now, that I have found hot yoga in Northampton. I feel I can let go of my Sedona pilates experience. As part of this process, I want to share with you my testimonial. If your ever in Sedona, I encourage you to take a Zumba class or try Pilates with Rima–it will be the cherry … Continue reading

Endings, beginnings & inbetween

Twenty-nine days ago, I left Sedona. Today is the first day I feel great. I have spent the last month adjusting to re-entry into this different location, this place with a lower vibrational pull called Northampton. I remember as I neared the end of my drive across the country, in Pennsylvania I felt it. I … Continue reading


You know what, I don’t want to know about Whitney’s last days. Whitney knew the gift she was given and she knew what was at stake. She was human and did the best she could. That is all we can do. We do the best we can in the time that we are given. We … Continue reading

The Greatest Love of All

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a day about celebrating love–loving ourselves and loving others. Today is a day that women celebrate rediscovering their inner power, light and balance. I was asked recently if I was a “spirited kid.” I quickly said yes and thought about what made me agree so emphatically. I remember my 6th … Continue reading

It’s not you it’s me…….

Here is a clip from the iconic Seinfeld. I think it captures the essence of today’s post (shouldn’t we call it a blib or a blab like tweets & twitter). Just copy and paste in your browser. I am home one week today. Home is a relative term. I am home because my family is … Continue reading

Mondays, Superbowl Dreams & Champagne Kisses

Mondays–the first day of a new week. The first day we all try again. I wake up with the intention to eat better, work out, complete all my tasks on my to do list and breathe. Each Monday, before my trip to Sedona I tried to jam everything into Monday and then when I failed … Continue reading