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The Greatest Love of All

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a day about celebrating love–loving ourselves and loving others. Today is a day that women celebrate rediscovering their inner power, light and balance.

I was asked recently if I was a “spirited kid.” I quickly said yes and thought about what made me agree so emphatically. I remember my 6th grade graduation and one of our teachers made a slide show of the year for us. Field day, concerts, plays, it was all in there and as we watched each image, it was set to Whitney Houston’s Children Are The Future song. She inspired me as a 11 year old girl to think about being the best and during that 6th grade graduation–it was about what is yet to come and celebrating the future.

In Junior High, I nursed my first broken heart to Whitney’s Didn’t We Almost Have It All. Then my college sweetheart sang to me Whitney’s Greatest Love of All. Five years ago, I sang her “How Will I know” to my wife in a ground breaking living room performance that made me realize–I can dance!!!  I may not be ready for Dancing With Stars but I can certainly hold my own. Whitney inspired millions with her love songs, her ballads of triumph, all sprinkled with the essence of our uniquely human experience.

We are all spirited beings. We all have passion. Some of us learn to quiet our spirit out of survival as young ones and others keep it shining through every day. The question is not if we were spirited kids but where is our spirit today and are we letting it shine through and lead us to experience all that we can.

As we mourn her loss on this Valentine’s Day, I ask that we remember to love ourselves, celebrate our own hearts, before we give them to another. We must love ourselves before we can love another. Whitney sang for the world but in the end it wasn’t enough to save herself.

Celebrate how much you can love today by allowing yourself to share in the love you spread.

p.s. My other signature performance is the soundtrack from Facts of Life –coming soon on Youtube:)

About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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