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Where is your Martha Stewart?

To get there, we must be here. Wherever there is for each of us, it doesn’t exist unless we focus on the present. The present—today is made up of each breath and each intention. I used to say intentions don’t matter but the outcome does. I was particularly attached to it in the diversity and inclusion space or what others call social justice. Now, I realize that intentions do matter as much as outcomes. Sometimes they match and sometimes they don’t. Understanding when they do and they don’t through reflection can offer new insight.

This morning as I walked Sedona and Toby on the sidewalks layered in ice, snow, and dirt I felt myself hunkering down an inward. With each step, I did not know if I would slip and all I could do was put one foot in front of the other and take a chance. Do we take chances even when we are not sure of our footing? Does it matter? Some times on dog walks, the three of us know exactly where we are walking to in other words where there is and other times we don’t. The times that we don’t know where we end up often are the most fun and centering. On mornings like this, we walked we knew where there was because I did not like the feeling of being on slippery ground.

Walking on slippery ground requires a lot of focus and I take each step with caution and angst. Needless to say, my heart is not open nor am I centered and aware of my strength when I am walking on the icy path. What’s your icy path and how do you walk on it?

To get there, we must be here. Here’s wishing that no matter the terrain we realize we are on solid ground and always blossom.

p.s. And that’s a good thing:)

About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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