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Losers, Dumbledore, & Tummies

Ready to Live Your Possibilities With Joy! Here is another step –connect your physical and spiritual selves. Our path to wellness is about both taking care of our heart and this physical costume of our bodies that have been with us since birth. The thing that has been with us the longest we forget, we take for granted, we abuse, and we love it. The conduit for which we walk in the world is a precious gift. The minute that there is even a hint of a threat some of us throw up our hands and say give me the drugs, cut it open and take it out. Perhaps there is a different way.

Yes, it is scary when this happens and we have authorities telling us something needs to be removed or that we must injest poison—but is that really what is needed? Why have we accepted the notion that the physical is separate, different, distinct from our mind, our heart, our emotions, our spiritual being, is it really? How can it be separate? All of this swims in our bodies every day, we can be like Dumbledore and pull out our memories and put them in a memory jar. Or can we and I just didn’t get the instruction manual?

My new friend is a Pilates instructor and nutrition coach. Her name is Kara and like me she wears many hats and proclaims that she cleans up toxins, restructures systems and gets them working again. Kara used to be a financial analyst and did it with businesses through numbers and now she does it with people. She and I share this big picture perspective and understand that some need to give us specific titles.  Whatever works. I create and facilitate change for people, for companies big and small. I have always done that and I was born to do it—that’s me, Joy.

Kara shared with me this lovely factoid—we have more  serotonin in our stomachs than in our brain. Wow!! So, she continued to share that if our stomachs are mucked up then how are we going to make decisions, create perspectives from a point of clarity and strength. In other words, if we don’t eat well (too much, too little, or processed foods with little nutrition) it is like we are drunk or high (my metaphor not hers). Now, our stomachs don’t communicate the same way our brains do on substances and we have forgotten how to listen to it.

How do we remember? With the help of coaches like Kara. My high school reunion is Aug 3rd and I with some other high schools friends are trying to lose weight. I call it Silver Lake’s Biggest Loser contest—who would have thunk it? We are all trying to be losers:) My goal is to lose 2pounds per week which will get me from 171 to 130 pounds. I am going to try my best and focus each day, each meal, each time I put something in my mouth and exercise. I know for me the exercise is secondary as it is more about keeping calorie counts down and eating more fruits, vegetables and protein. And listening to my body as to what it needs.  There will be ups and downs and I will fall off and get back on but I am in to win it. I weighed in on Monday morning and actually lost 3pounds this week-168! Yay!

I am finishing my book, “Living Your Possibilities With Joy” and this is my last chapter—aligning my connections with my physical body, emotional body, spiritual body, mind, and heart. The beautiful aspect of this is that I focus on my physical body and the rest will continue to align, re-integrate, and transform collectively in a wondrous endless loop.

For more information about Kara and her coaching business check out http://www.vitalcorpswellness.com


About Joy Rain

Joy has been a diversity and inclusion consultant and mediator for over ten years. Prior to consulting, she was professor of Psychology and Women Studies. Joy has a Master of Arts in Psychology (Boston University) and a Master of Education in Social Justice Education (UMASS Amherst).


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