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Sometimes not speaking out is louder than you imagine

Hold it. Hold on to it. Hold. What do we hold? Why do we hold? We hold our fears, our hurts, our wants, and our dislikes. I remember as a junior in high school, the administration decided to regionalize the high school system. I opposed it. I protested it. I refused to accept it. So, … Continue reading

Job Relocation = Life Relocation

I am waiting in my office to meet with an out of town real estate client. Let’s call him Joe to protect his privacy and please note that some of the details have been fictionalized to maintain the confidentiality of my client. A former client of mine, is a Human Resource Executive and part of … Continue reading

To Martie With Love

Grief comes in waves Devastation lands as a hurricane We Irish know how to grieve best Long & hard Know that in the coming days and weeks Your clan is here We Irish have our clan It may not be pretty but we have it and it has us Loss brings out the best and … Continue reading

Losers, Dumbledore, & Tummies

Ready to Live Your Possibilities With Joy! Here is another step –connect your physical and spiritual selves. Our path to wellness is about both taking care of our heart and this physical costume of our bodies that have been with us since birth. The thing that has been with us the longest we forget, we … Continue reading

Sunday Night Shuffle, Squirrels and Sleep

Evening all, Sunday night–conjures up a lot. Sunday night is the time that all that troubles me, worries me, and makes me say Hmmm… runs through my mind like a marathon. All that I want to change, all that I want to start doing, stop doing play like the reruns of Seinfeld–over and over again. … Continue reading

Vacuums, lawnmovers, and Dome of the Dogstar

Little things matter. Do we understand how and why? Yesterday, I showed a real estate client a home. As we stood outside, looking at a deck that had been built over a filled in cement slab that was once a pool. Let’s call her Susan for the sake of confidentiality. Susan asked me what I … Continue reading

Where is your Martha Stewart?

Where is your Martha Stewart?.

Where is your Martha Stewart?

To get there, we must be here. Wherever there is for each of us, it doesn’t exist unless we focus on the present. The present—today is made up of each breath and each intention. I used to say intentions don’t matter but the outcome does. I was particularly attached to it in the diversity and … Continue reading

Leap Year-1992

In 1992, I met the son of Willard and my life changed. Here’s to Leap Year and living different. To Willard with love, There once was a man named Williard. He loved with all he had. He lost his wife early and loved his kids the be he knew how. Williard loved me like a … Continue reading